All fourteen teams of SensUs 2019 have been formed and have started their journey towards the SensUs Innovation Days with the final contest on Friday 30 August!

In the public contest event they will demonstrate their biosensors and the knowledge that they have gathered.The teams are highly motivated and want to make a difference by contributing to a higher quality of life.

The teams consist of students from several scientific backgrounds. Some teams have students from more than 10 different fields of study and other teams have even members from different universities. This cross-fertilization gives the teams a broad perspective and will lead to innovative solutions.

The expectations and dreams of the teams are sky high and each team has its own goals. For instance, team Synosense from KU Leuven wants to “channel their knowledge into a real-life product that contributes directly to a better society”. The BiosensUM team of Montreal consists of students from four different institutions, and aims to develop a device with focus on portability, analytical precision and user-friendliness.
Team LxUs of the new participating University of Lisbon aims to develop a viable means of detecting Adalimumab with the best accuracy, time efficiency and affordability possible.

To see all the teams, take a look at the team pages!

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